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The Good Book

From The Bible - The Amazing Book (Available with full CD)

Take a good look
At the Good Book
Take a good look
At the Good Book

Verse 1:
Over forty good men in a good many years
Wrote the Good Book so that we could hear
All about the 'Good News' they had heard
From Someone they said was the living Word


One was a fisher and one was a king
Can you believe they wrote about the same thing?
Even a doctor and a priest agreed
That every single word was the truth indeed


One of them wrote in the middle of a war
One of them wrote behind a prison door
Why'd they keep writing 'til the very end?
They said they were inspired by a good, good Friend

Chorus 2:
Take a good look
At the Good Book
See what it took
To make the Good Book

Written by Ron Krueger
┬ęCopyright 1986 Little Lion Music (a div. of Agapeland Home Video)
CCLI Number: 48274


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