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Through History

From The Bible - The Amazing Book (Available with full CD)

Verse 1:
Down in the pages of history
Great people speak to you and me
If we learned a little of what they knew
We might be great in history, too

Through history, through history
If we'd just take a look
We'd find for may folks
The Bible was their favorite book

Verse 2:
Sir Isaac Newton made history
When he found that law of gravity
And though what goes up falls to the ground
The Bible, he said, will never let you down

(Sir Isaac Newton: "No sciences are better attested than the religion of the Bible.")


Verse 3:
Now Noah Webster was wise and merry
He knew so much he wrote a dictionary
Ol' Noah had a favorite book he read
And one day this is what he said

(Noah Webster: "God's Word contained in the Bible, has furnished all necessary rules to direct our conduct.")


Verse 4:
Abraham Lincoln was a real good man
Called Honest Abe throughout the land
But did you know he told everyone
The Holy Book is next to none

(Abraham Lincoln: "I believe the Bible is the best gift God has ever given to man, and that all things desirable for man to know are contained in it.")


Verse 5:
Charles Dickens was a famous writer
His 'Christmas Carol' was a real delighter
He could spot a good book a mile away
And this is what he said one day

(Charles Dickens: "The New Testament is the best book the world has ever known or will know."


Written by Mike Milligan and Frank Hernandez
┬ęCopyright 1986 Little Lion Music (a div. of Agapeland Home Video)
CCLI Number: 48346


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