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Letter of Love

From The Bible - The Amazing Book (Available with full CD)

Verse 1:
Some people say it's a very good book
With treasures old and wise
To others it's only fairy tales
That children memorize

Some even claim it's out of date
And useless for today
But many read it all the time
And this is what they say

It's more than ink and paper
It's more than words to read
It's a letter of love from up above
Special delivery

Verse 2:
Some like to keep it on a shelf
With novels and magazines
While others look through it curiously
And wonder what it means

Some scholars learn every chapter and verse
And knowledge they achieve
But those who read it with their hearts
Have come to believe


Verse 3:
Some only read it to pass the time
In their prison cell
While others glance through it now and then
In a lonely hotel
It's a perfect place for pictures and things
That will fade in time
But for those who keep it in their hearts
It's a valentine


Written and sung by Frank Hernandez
┬ęCopyright 1986 Little Lion Music (a div. of Agapeland Home Video)
CCLI Number: 48384


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