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The Writers of the Bible

From The Bible - The Amazing Book (Available with full CD)

Verse 1:
Well, forty some men were the writers, my friend
Of the Bible, that's what they say
And many people didn't know that it was long ago
But they wrote it down any way

A thousand and six hundred years in the making
Over three different continents, too
At least in three different languages and lots of pages
When the writers of the Bible were through

Some farmers, some lawyers, some fishermen and some kings
Some rich men, some poor men, a few plain ol' people in between
One doctor, a tax man, some generals and some priests
They were men from the city and men from the farm
Men from the greatest down to the least

Verse 2:
In the Old Testament, Moses wrote the first five books called the Pentateuch
In the New Testament, Matthew and Mark and John wrote the Gospels with Luke
The Psalms were written by a man named David
A shepherd with a sling and a stone
And the Proverbs were written by Solomon the King
The wisest man ever known


Well, the Bible is a creation
For every new generation
Right from the very formation
They say the writers had inspiration


Written by Mike Milligan
┬ęCopyright 1986 Little Lion Music (a div. of Agapeland Home Video)
CCLI Number: 48308


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