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The Divine Library

From The Bible - The Amazing Book (Available with full CD)

The Divine Library is the place to be
Come and take a walk through the Book with me
'Cause the door is open and the charge is free
The Divine Library is the place to be

Verse 1:
Step right into the gallery
See the heroes of history
Noah, Moses, and Abraham
Serving the great I Am


Verse 2:
Look at the room full of poetry
Listen to David's melodies
All the wisdom of Solomon
Is there for everyone


Verse 3:
Next you'll stop at the Prophets' room
Hear them preaching of hope and gloom
See them point to the rising star
Traveling from afar

Verse 4:
Follow the crowd down the Gospel trails
All the way to the cross and nails
See the Son rising from the dead
Just as the prophets said


Verse 5:
Walk upstairs to the room of fire
See the Church filled with new desire
Hear the message and read the mail
That Paul wrote from the jail

At the end of the hall
You will hear the trumpet call
Join the song angels sing
To the King of Kings!


Written by Ron Krueger
┬ęCopyright 1986 Little Lion Music (a div. of Agapeland Home Video)
CCLI Number: 48315


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