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Welcome to His & Hernandez Music! Here you will find songs, CDs & videos written, produced and/or sung by Frank & Betsy Hernandez. You may discover a number of songs which you or your children sang as a child, or new songs to help them worship God & grow in Christ! Go exploring! Click on the buttons, covers & photos. Look, listen, enjoy, and don't forget to tell others about hisandhernandezmusic.com!   

The Hernandi, plural for HernandezFrank & Betsy rehearsing

Hide 'Em In Your Heart Bullfrogs & Butterflies - God is My Friend Agapeland AnimalsMusic Machine (Original Cover)Hide 'Em In Your Heart - Lullabies Prayer Bear Bullfrogs & Butterflies (Original Cover) Hide Em In Your Heart Praise and WorshipSilverwind - By His SpiritCharacter Builders Ants'hillvania IAdore HimMusic Machine - Majesty of GodSir Oliver's SongSleep Sound In JesusNathaniel The GrubletAnimals and Other ThingsBirthday Partybullfrogs 4Agapeland
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